How you can Help


Donations of any size are gladly accepted and help defray the cost of veterinary care and supplies. We have no paid staff and every penny we collect goes toward the care of our pets. 

We have an ongoing need for supplies to help our pets and our rescue. Order from our Amazon Wish List or contact us if you are able to supply items like crates, flea and heartworm preventative, bedding/blankets/sheets, toys or treats 


One of the most vital parts of our organization are our foster families. Because FRW does not have a shelter facility, every animal that comes into our organization must have a foster home until it is adopted out. By fostering, you give a temporary home to a pet that would have otherwise been euthanized or abandoned and help prepare them for their new life. The more foster homes we have, the more deserving pets we can save. It’s that simple. Becoming a foster allows you to experience the true joy of saving a life and to meet some wonderful dogs, each with their own personality and traits

Who can Foster?
Anyone! We would love it if you had some basic animal care knowledge, but even if you don't one of our staff members would be happy to sit down with you and talk about your potential fosters needs. It is a great way to get hand on animal care experience and see if owning a pet is right for you! Our staff provides assistance every step of the way so you never have to worry about being in over your head. Our fosters provide their pets with food, water, shelter, loving attention, and trips to our regular veterinarian when necessary.

 We cover the cost of all necessary medical care when approved by staff and taken to our regular veterinarian.


Volunteering comes in many shapes and sizes, from fostering and transporting to spending time with the animals and training

Other Ways to Help

Besides the three above points, you can do other things to help with such as helping with the transportation from shelter to foster home, if you are good in photography, you can help with taking shots of the animals to be put on the website for free, or if you are good at writing you could help by writing for websites.

We will always need help from the community to give the best service for these abandoned animals. By giving your time, skill or donation, it could give the great contribution the animals in need.