The Name Game

Not only teaching the dogs to respond to their names. Also teaches that being near us is good. Strengthens our bonds with our dogs and lays groundwork for future Heel and Recall training, while the dogs get used to the feel of the leash and sound of the clicker.

1.Make sure to have all your supplies ready.

Treat pouch filled. Clicker in hand. Slip leash positioned high on neck, just behind the ears.

2.Wait for your dog to leave you.

Try walking in a set direction or ignoring your dog.

3.Say your dog’s name Once.

We want the dogs to respond the first time they hear their names. Saying it only one time makes it mean even more.

4.Immediately start backing up and encouraging your dog to come to you.

Try patting your legs, talking in a high pitched voice, or showing your dog that you have food.

5.Once your dog reaches you, click Once.

Only click once, as soon as your dog enters your bubble.


Every time you click you promise food. Don’t break that promise. Feed every time.

7.Say “Free” to release your dog.

Get in the habit of releasing your dog from commands